Gain the Essential Numeracy Skills you need to launch and maintain a successful career!

Strong Numeracy Skills Lead To

  • Pre-College / University prep
  • Pre-apprenticeship training
  • Enhancing numeracy skills to gain a competitive advantage


Mastery Resources

Vretta's unique master based resources are designed using state-of-the-art interactive learning tools that are proven to help master core concepts in numeracy.

They break down concepts into micro-steps for candidates to visualize, conceptualize, and understand concepts.

Dashboard & Settings

Candidates have access to intuitive dashboards that track their real-time progress, and point out areas of strengths (mastery) and weaknesses.

Automatic reminder emailing system is available to ensure that candidates are aware and reminded of due dates.

Learning Outcomes

The resources cover all of the learning requirements for candidates entering various professional streams – particularly business, technology, engineering, health sciences, nursing, and the trades.

Concepts covered include whole numbers, fractions, decimal numbers, integers, ratios, proportions, percents, percent change, algebra, linear systems, geometry, trigonometry, and units of measurement.


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